Best Beaches in Portugal » Peniche area

Peniche is known for its famous beaches in Portugal. With its intense exposure to wind and waves, Peniche has great surfing potential and is internationally recognized for this.

Portugal best beaches are in Peniche and Algarve. The city of Peniche has many infrastructures dedicated to surfing, and until recently, it was named the Capital of the Wave. Apart from visiting Peniche, it would be best to enjoy some of its quality beaches.

During the summer, its beautiful beaches provide an excellent destination in Portugal.

  1. Choosing a Peniche beach is easy since you only have to follow the coast and they are all very well signposted.
  2. There are many surf schools in the city.
  3. There are still many hotels in Peniche near the beach.

The 3 best beaches in Portugal » Peniche area

Supertubos Beach

Supertubos Best Beaches in Portugal
Supertubos Beach

Consolação Beach

Consolação Beach
Consolação Beach

Baleal Beach

Baleal Beach
Baleal Beach

List of Beaches in Peniche

  • Praia dos Supertubos
  • Praia da Consolação
  • Praia da Gambôa
  • Praia do Baleal
  • Praia do Medão
  • Praia de São Marcos
  • Praia do Molhe Leste
  • Praia do Portinho da Areia
  • Praia do Quebrado
  • Praia da Cova da Alfarroba
  • Praia de Dunas
  • Prada das Cebolas
  • Praia das Pedras Muitas

Portugal best beaches within Peniche area

Baleal Beach

Praia do Baleal PenichePraia do Baleal Peniche

Baleal Beach in Peniche, located about 5 km northeast of the city, is an island connected to the land by a narrow strip of sand. It can be thought of as a kind of miniature Peniche since, in the past, the entire isthmus de Peniche would have been an island that later began to connect the land by a tongue of sand.

The houses seen in Baleal have as their historical center a whaling station (hence the name) which has since become a kind of town currently dominated by tourism. Baleal is one of Portugal best beaches.

There are two beaches on the island, Baleal Sul and Baleal Norte, which, due to an inconsistent morphology, face opposite directions, which means that when the wind becomes unbearable on one beach, conditions are perfect on the other.

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Medão Beach (Supertubes)

Praia de Medão PenicheMedao Peniche Beach

Supertubos Beach in Peniche has the original name of Medão Beach.

A mythical place among surfers. They are here with the best waves, created by a perfect combination of elements, such as the configuration of the seabed, the wind that generally blows from the north, and the currents.

Surfers especially like to come here in autumn, and in October, the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal takes place at Playa Supertubos, an event that brings together the best surfers on the world circuit at these stops.

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Consolação Beach

Praia da Consolação PenichePraia da Consolação Peniche

Consolação Beach in Peniche is located about seven kilometers south of the city. It is a long stretch of golden sand, known for its iodine richness, especially at its rockier southern end, and is very popular for those with rheumatic or bone problems.

To the north, you can see the Consolação fort, which divides the beach in two, the part that extends to Peniche is characterized by strong waves, which makes it attractive for those who practice water sports, such as windsurfing or surfing.

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Cova da Alfarroba Beach

Praia da Cova da Alfarroba PenichePraia da Cova da Alfarroba Peniche

Cova da Alfarroba Beach in Peniche is just after Peniche de Cima beach. From here, we can see the famous Punta de Baleal in the distance. This site is among the list of Portugal best beaches.

Cova da Alfarroba Beach is beautiful because it begins to form several dunes that give the sand an undulating appearance before reaching the water. Cova da Alfarroba Beach is known for having the perfect conditions for surfing.

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Peniche de Cima Beach

Praia de Peniche de CimaPeniche de Cima Beach

Peniche de Cima Beach is part of the same beach as Gamboa Beach and, therefore, sharing its physical characteristics, Praia de Peniche de Cima is immediately after, which follows Avenida Monsenhor Manuel Bastos from the city.

The sand at Praia do Cerro, as it is also known, is very white. Being surrounded, on the land side, by a dune system that is ultimately at risk, currently protected by several wooden fences.

The proximity to the city makes this beach one of the most popular in the area, with umbrellas and loungers for bathers and a restaurant and bar directly on the beach.

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Gamboa Beach

Praia de Gamboa PenicheGamboa Peniche Beach

Although physically located on a sandy beach that stretches from Peniche to Baleal, Gamboa Beach in Peniche is delimited by a pontoon in the southeast and by the wall of the Peniche fortress in the northwest.

To take a good bath in the sea, the area next to the pontoon is recommended, since in the rest of the beach there are rock formations, sometimes submerged, which make it difficult to enjoy the waters.

You can get to this beach through Avenida Monsenhor Manuel Bastos, which leaves Peniche, with several parking places that sell out quickly in the summer.

Here you can find the basic infrastructure expected on a beach, such as surveillance, rental of awnings and loungers, and a restaurant and bar.

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Map of the beaches of Peniche