How to get to Berlengas and Peniche

By public transport

City of Peniche Portugal
City of Peniche Portugal

The city of Peniche is separate from the Portuguese railway network. Still, it is easily accessible by bus, departing from Lisbon and Porto, and you can arrive from other cities, but it is usually necessary in that case to change buses.

From Lisbon

There are ten daily departures from Lisbon from the Sete Rios bus terminal. The first one leaves at approximately 7:30 am. This bus may suit your purposes if you plan to go directly to Berlengas.

After that, departures occur between one and two hours, with the last bus leaving Lisbon at 7:30 p.m.

The journey takes an hour and a half, and the ticket costs 8.60 euros, which can be purchased online at the Rede de Expressos website. The journey takes an hour and a half, and the ticket costs 8.60 euros, which can be purchased online at

From Porto

There is only one direct daily connection, which leaves the Campo 24 de Agosto bus terminal at 4:30 p.m. and arrives in Peniche at 9:10 p.m. If this schedule is inconvenient, consider changing the buses in Coimbra or Lisbon. You can see all the possibilities on the Rede de Expressos website.

By car: from Lisbon or Porto

To get to the closest town to Ilha das Berlengas, Peniche, take the A8 from Lisbon or Porto – towards Peniche and head towards the pier. Here you take the boat to Berlenga Grande.

Map from Lisbon to Peniche

Map from Porto to Peniche

Route map to get to Peniche.

Map of Berlengas
Map of Berlengas

How to take a boat to Berlengas

Step-by-step instructions

  • 1- Go to the sauce Peniche Cais Marina
  • 2- Choose a branch in Molho Cais Marina in Peniche
  • 3- Enter an agency to buy the boat ticket
  • 4- Boat ticket to Berlengas
  • 5- Arrival at the departure dock of Berlengas
  • 6- Arrival on the boat at the port of Peniche.
  • 7- Board the boat
  • 8- Departure from the pier of Peniche Marina
  • 9- Departure from the city of Peniche
  • 10- Peniche sighting in the distance
  • 11- Sighting of Cabo da Roca en route to Berlengas
  • 12- We say goodbye to mainland Portugal
  • 13- Inside the boat on the way to the islands
  • 14- First sighting of Berlengas archipelago
  • 15- Berlengas Fortress in the distance
  • 16- Arrival at the port of Praia dos Pescadores in Berlengas

It is highly recommended to book your trip in advance, through the phone numbers of the companies or the companies’ websites (at the end of this article you can find the necessary contacts)

The main ship “Cabo Avelar Pessoa” or Viamar, is usually the busiest. However, other companies make this trip between Peniche-Berlengas-Peniche.

From May 22 to June 30 and from September 1 to September 15, the departure from Peniche is at 10:30 a.m. The return from Berlenga is at 4:30 p.m. In summer, from July 1 to August 31, in addition to the low season, there is also a departure from Peniche at 11:30 a.m. and a return at 18:30.

For those who go only for one day, the return ticket costs about 18 euros, but if you spend the night on the island, it costs 12 euros per trip, making it more expensive at 24 euros. Children up to 4 years old can travel without paying admission, and from 5 to 12 years old, pay half the adult ticket.

Reservations must be paid in cash and picked up half an hour before the boat departs if booked online or by phone.

Step-by-step photo script

The teams always advise visitors to bring comfortable clothes and shoes, food and water, a camera, and binoculars for a thoroughly enjoyable trip. Go minimally prepared for this trip.

Berlengas Boat – How to do it?

Gone are the days when those interested got on a precarious fishing boat. At a price previously agreed with the boat’s captain, they were transported to Berlengas, facing rough seas and a troubling turn that invariably turned the stomach.

All operators who take people to Berlengas, in one way or another, specialize in providing various activities within the Berlengas Nature Reserve.

Authorized activities in Berlengas

  1. Boat trips,
  2. playful fishing
  3. photographic expeditions,
  4. geological trails,
  5. interpretive trails,
  6. scuba diving,
  7. fauna and flora observation,
  8. geological routes,
  9. keeping of cetaceans and other marine animals,
  10. bird watching,
  11. nautical activities,
  12. rowing, canoeing, and kayaking,
  13. stand up paddling,
  14. passenger transportation,
  15. diving baptisms,
  16. scuba diving,
Escolher uma agência para as Berlengas no Molho Cais Marina em Peniche

Tours in Berlengas

You can book online to facilitate your trip to Berlengas.

Authorized operators

There are other options besides those suggested above. 24 vessels are operating the route, some with several daily connections, representing a significant increase over the last ten years. If you intend to visit outside the dates on which Viamar provides the route, you will have to resort to the services of another company.

Depending on the vessel used, the trip takes about thirty minutes. Please note that weather conditions and especially the state of the sea condition access, and it is possible that connections may be suspended or crossings postponed.

If you tend to get sick, you can take something to avoid discomfort. A sturgeon tablet taken thirty minutes before departure can work wonders.

List of tour operators and agencies authorized to operate in the islands to book or buy a boat ticket to Berlengas.

AcvasubOesteAQUAOESTE+351 918 393
Berlenga LiveLIVE+351 966 418 506
Berlenga PraiaJULIUS,MARTIM, KAYLUA, AMETISTA +351 918 619
Bruno Miguel da Silva MonteiroALEGRIA+351 917 295
Emoções no AtlânticoHALI+351 963 708 831
Hugo João de Sousa Vieira DiasHAWK
FuturoNEVADA, TAXY+351 919 543
HaliotisLASCARIS, CORIS+351 262 781 160
JuliusJULIUS+351 918 619 311
JustdiveCALYPSO+351 918 637
Luís Gonzaga Caldas PintoNAU+351 968 096
Miguel Bento CostaAPOISÉ, ROAZ+351 967 030
Odisseia VivaODISSEIA VIVA+351 937 175
Oeste Atlântico / Feeling BerlengasPORTO BATEL, ATLANTIS, TGV, ODISSEIA, BATEL+351 965 397 913
Onda LargaAMOR É VIDA+351 969 966
Paulo Correia FigueiraATRAENTE SÓ+351 962 766
Pedro David Canavilhas MatiasBATMOBIL
Renato José Rigueira RodriguesHEAVEN+351 965 254 489
SorraiatoursRUMO AO GOLFINHO I+351 919 707
Pedro Manuel da Cruz SeverinoMENSAGEIRO DO MAR+351 261 461
Tiago & BernardoPÁSSARO DO SOL+351 969 537
ViamarCABO AVELAR PESSOA+351 262 785 646
Viralhadas e InglêsXIRICA+351 918 081 449